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Monika Stone Skin
monika stone
emoke sullivan
monika stone

Monika Stone is a superbly skilled esthetician whose mastery of her chosen profession has been developed through years of theorectical and practical experience.  While living in Europe and the United States, Monika received extensive training in the art of beauty and skin care under the scrutinized guidance of several exclusive beauty houses, including Lancome, Estee Lauder, Clinique, and Guerlain.  As a result of her unique experiences, Monika has established her own unique brand and way of delivering professional and medical grade skin care treatments, the results of which speak for themselves.

In Fall 2008, the opening of Monika's new skin care treatment center in Palo Alto, California with Dr. James Newman was the culmination of a collaboration that started more than 15 years ago.  Dr. Newman and Monika had been cross-referring patients for many years and decided that they could better serve their patients by working more closely together under one roof.

Blending cutting edge technology, extremely discreet and personalized customer service, and thoroughly understanding what your skin needs, Monika's passion and enthusiasm for her profession and her concern for each of her clients shows in a rare quality of service offered in the skin care industry.